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June 17, 2022

I'd rather have been ghosted

Kristin Houlihan

Monday 11:15am

Hey friend, it’s been a long time

How are things going?

Tuesday 3:02pm

Things are… going.

So sorry I’ve been out of touch,

I’ve been pretty ill and I never

know how to share my new

reality is bedridden

you’ve probably never heard

of what I have… ME…?

it’s kind of the same as

long COVID

ngl, it’s pretty terrifying

I could be like this forever


Friday 10:32am

Bummer about the bedridden thing

Lmk when you’re up for hanging out!

Kristin Houlihan writes poetry to make sense of and share her experiences from bedridden life with a chronic illness. She’s blessed to share her life and home with her favorite five people: her husband and four children, who are an endless source of support and joy. Kristin loves books, the ocean, and listening to her family laugh together. She has work published by Paddler Press and Voidspace, with poetry forthcoming at Corporeal. Reach out and say hi on Twitter: @theedifyingword

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