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December 7, 2023

Don’t Feed the Vultures

T.A. Jones

Bastardized buzzards burst about

Hoping to be blessed by half-baked scoops of

Curated and crafted culture.

Feeding themselves faux food to

Fill themselves as the frauds they are.

Forgetting the seasoning to even

Taste the tantalizing tidbits by

People of proud colors.

Vultures that are forever villains in our story

But alas, they forget their roles to instead

Role-play as heroes.

But I won’t let them forget that they’re

Heretics that hear our cries.

Shooting down each vulture

With their very own lies.


TYLER AUSTON, T.A., Jones (he/him) is a Black poet/writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Western Carolina University with a bachelors in English and minor in Creative Writing. He currently works as a middle school ELA teacher and occasional music journalist/podcaster for CentralSauce. He’s also a Hybrid editor for AdobePress. Tyler also enjoys playwriting, screenwriting, and poetry. He’s finishing his first poetry compilation, Obsidian Sun.

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