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May 14, 2024


No rules, no word counts, no theme. Just a 100% limitless submission period



Andrew Robinette


Lolo Elleri

The Field

Lynn Finger

Abecedarian: Ingredient List and Complete Procedure for the Production of Success

Isaac Fox

i'm every sparkly machine

t.r. san

Flare Path

Sarah Wallis

One Bed / One Bath

Amy DeBellis

Busy These Days

Lydia Bush

Lost Wonder of the World

Christiana Doucette


Violetta Woolywisp Joy

Reasons I don't write about the moon

Ashley Elizabeth

My Thoughts on Being Engaged to You Again

Isaac Fox

Caregiver as octopus.

Nancy Hugget

The Cinema Experience Is Here To Stay

Ewen Glass

Lynette of the Violets, My Heart and All Four Humours Are Yours

Leia K. Bradley

Our Silence Stands

Alex Carrigan

The Other Side of Sleepwalking

Bethany Cutkomp

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