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June 17, 2022


Lynne Ellis

you remember?


purple owls on your mask

cartoons with egg wise eyes

little vee beaks




and us, too.




park walking

in our same sneakers

you almost kicked shit lol



you didn't tell me??! lol


no. I watch


you animate and wander

through years


to where?


to Chicago

to Switzerland




on a train in Geneva

you went all pixelated in the wind



I love that.


and I wasn't there

and I didn't see you

step over the platf orm gap 

in Lucerne

in the shoes I gave you




your stovepipe legs spiderbent

your long body following




I didn't watch you pause

to read the boards


let's move to Europe.


and I didn't see

you, smiling.


. . .

Lynne Ellis (she/they) writes in pen. Her words appear or are forthcoming in Poetry Northwest, the Missouri Review, Sugar House Review, The Shore, and elsewhere. They were awarded the 2021 Perkoff Prize in Poetry and the 2018 Red Wheelbarrow poetry prize. Her chapbook, "In these failing times I can forget," confronts the human cost of rapid growth in a prosperous American city. Ellis is co-editor at Papeachu Press, supporting the voices of women and nonbinary creators.

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