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Hanuman Reaches for the Sun, Mistaking it for a Pomelo

Para Vadhahong

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That sunset-twisted flesh

rolling past the horizon

of this gaping mouth

soaking up filaments

of light any other name

would yield as much flight

don’t disguise yourself

I am your lone devourer

swallowing east

until you, my love,

dissolve from star to island 

each sphere of fruit

flung awry across air 

and time what barely-bundled time

in this rocking wheel 

of manmade years

when these hands are animal

in the golden age of animals

this good gut is not

hand-trained but wired 

unload your globe

into the circle made 

of a monkey’s paw 

and I promise this: you won’t fall.

PARA VADHAHONG is a poet and writer. Their work is published and forthcoming in Hyacinth Review, Kingdoms in the Wild, INKSOUNDS, Lover’s Eye Press, Salt Hill Journal, HaluHalo, Ice Lolly Review, Whimsical Press, and more. They write about mythology, Thai culture, history, love, monsters, and everything in between.

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