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June 17, 2022

"Modern Epistolary"

A variety pack of text message/email-based poetry, exposing the secret fingertip conversations that make up who we are, for good or bad, silly or painful, imaginative or mundane.


Coral Rivera


Subject: White Christmas (S2e4)

Alyssa Goldberg


Ophelia SMS

Jessica Sarlin


Auto-correct Is Having A Better Time Than Joe And His Mom"

Susan Burdorf


Eight Times

Jared Povanda 


Letter to the Void or God, If You’re Listening, I Really Need Some Help



Consider This The Second-Last Straw Oh Night Beast

L. Dacre Tynan


A Real* Conversation Between Imaginary** Friends

Jessica Coles


Reaching Out

Nina Nouwens 


I’d Rather Have Been Ghosted

Kristin Houlihan


The Eager Heart Is Red: A Haunting

Alison Lubar



Carol Casey


He’s Missing

Megan Lovato-Harris


Bon Appétit

Rachel D’Erminio


Sucks to Suck

Amanda Cessor 



Lacey Cohen


Sunday 8:21 PM

Lynne Ellis


Employee Concern Form



There’s No Way

Fran Sharp


A Time Machine at Sea

Lacy Phillips



Briana Newstead 


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