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March 15, 2023


Mythology as a beautiful, malleable clay, mixing fact with what we perceive and molding it into shapes of weird and sobering commentary

A Bedtime Story for the Sun's Children

Bethany Jarmul

Decomposition as Explanation

Robert Guzikowski

Enemy of the Gods

Kristin Houlihan

Eurydice's Reply

Abigail Myers

For Granted, Assumed

Ilana Drake

Genesis 2:31

Stephanie Holden

Helen Was a Crybaby

Amanda Malone

In Praise of My Dirt

R. Lee Fryar


Carol Casey


Melissa Nunez

Night Vision

Ron Tobey

Origin Story

Will Davis


Hannah Kent

Run For Your Fate

Sophia Carlisle


Kiana McCrackin

Sun Flying

Sarah Tollok

The Origin of a Writer

Andy Perrin

The Siren Myth

Leslie Cairns

Venus of the Port

Slawka G. Scarso

Witches Who


Beyond the Sun, Imperious

Jared Povanda

Do Metamorphic Amphibians Know How to Flirt?

Jessica Coles

Epimethus on His Crag

Daniel Hinds

Filibustering the Motion to Uphold the Mythical State of Mankind

Sara Collie


Megan Lynch

Hanuman Reaches for the Sun, Mistaking it for a Pomelo

Para Vadhahong

I Don't Know Anything About the Greeks

Jonny Bolduc

It Was Really Just Me There

Paula Gil-Ordoñez Gomez

Lamentations of the Forgotten Gods

Christine Joy Teopaco


Sarah Alwin

On Scents that Linger

Jen Schneider

Parade Day

Anna Denisch


Lauren Theresa


M. Alseben

Stacking the Deck

Nancy Huggett

The One Who Believed

Eden Campbell

The Rapture Has Been Cancelled

Julius Olofsson

Tortured Artists

Sam Lesek

We Bury Ours in Patchwork

Monique Quintana

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