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March 15, 2023

Witches Who


Last night I dreamt

that I was naked; the night before, a witch,

terrorizing the townspeople, but just

misunderstood—people like us

just love things like that—

and tonight in the little sleep

I get, I want to become something new.

Maybe something with

sharp teeth. These days,

I spend the morning and afternoon lying down on a couch, arms open,

eyelids fluttering, trying to steer

myself to half-sleep so when I dream,

I dream of flight.


AG (he/him/his) is a librarian currently residing in Providence, Rhode Island. His work can be found in Variety Pack and is forthcoming in The Madrigal. He can be found on Twitter @agfrombaltimore. He is a librarian. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, watching horror movies, and going to pet stores to look at the fish.

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