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PARTS (coming August 2024)


Amy Marques

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Amy Marques grew up between languages and places and learned, from an early age, the multiplicity of narratives. She’s lived in cities and towns on more than one continent and found, ultimately, more similarities than differences between places she’s called home. She’s collected degrees and specializations and loves to find the frontiers between areas of knowledge: she initially got a medical degree and did her residency in pediatrics, but early into her practice she realized there was a need for more and went back to graduate school to pursue further degrees with focuses on child development, psychology, behavior, and education. These multiple areas of knowledge bled into her practice and her teaching.

She penned children’s books, barely-read medical papers, and numerous letters before turning to creative writing and visual poetry. And, much like her day job, it is no wonder that in art she blends genres and enjoys hybrid work: short prose, poetry, merging of languages, visual elements, found poetry, found material, and a tendency to not only seek to work outside the box, but to resist boxes whenever possible. 

PARTS: A Visual Poetry Erasure of Thomas Wolfe's "The Party at Jack's"

Coming August 13, 2024

Erasure has never been more colorful

Full of collage, acrylics, and ink, PARTS redefines the art of erasure poetry while simultaneously subverting the ennui and angst of Thomas Wolfe's "The Party at Jack's," carving out the many rays of hope and beauty. Themed by searches for identity and appreciation of familial comfort, this collection pops off the page, photographed with visual depth and scrappy edges to highlight the raw process and immerse the reader in the tactile art experience. 

DUETS cover.png

DUETS: An Anthology of Conversations Between Arts & Artists

46 pieces of visual art by Amy Marques, each paired with a written piece by a different author. DUETS also includes a "Behind the Scenes" B-side, where readers can learn more about the process behind the pieces.

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