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December 7, 2023


Same word banks, different outcomes. Explore the ultimate wordplay experiment, sourced from a specific set of words.

A Lie is Based in Truth

Jenny M. Liu

At Your Grave /seven months after/

Sam Calhoun

Don’t Feed the Vultures

T.A. Jones

Forcing My Thoughts into Sequential Haiku While Waiting for My Uber on a Rainy Evening in the Hilton Hotel Lobby During Otakon

Francesca Leader

Self Portrait as Failed Homosexual

Elena Ferrari

The Trouble with Birds, The Takeoff, Sniff

Salem Wolf

Antarctic Shores

R. Tim Morris

Chess Match in Space with Chimpanzee

Thad DeVassie

Expression ÷ Unknown - Argument =

Jessica Coles

Kitchen Sink

Jake Stein

She loved Mario because

Amy Marques

The Trouble with Lava

Amy Barnes

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