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March 15, 2023

Decomposition as Explanation

Robert Guzikowski

(After Gertrude Stein)

decomposition as

explanation as petroglyphic

representation as unspoken lost

phonic invasion as

verbal refugees with origin

myths unheard as the unknown at long

last no more thought of

as mytho-genetic origins

as a last redline to weaponize

as vapors too living

as the genesis genocide of

molten experience emotion

as decomposition explains this

now as it composes every past


ROBERT GUZIKOWSKI published work in the 1970’s and 80’s in several magazines including Grub Street (Bronx, NY), Letters and Tightrope.  He co-edited The Parlor City Review.  In the 1990’s he had encephalitis which caused brain damage resulting in various disabling conditions. He has resumed writing and some of his work has been published in Kissing Dynamite, The Raw Art Review, Rogue Agent, Wild Roof Journal and Concision Poetry Journal.

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