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June 17, 2022

reaching out

Nina Nouwens

12-24-19: 10:37pm

Unknown number:

hey is this Jamie from camp? Camp ki wha whee whatever, 2016

12-24-19: 10:37pm

Unknown number:

If this is Jamie I want you to

12-24-19: 10:37pm

Unknown number:

Sorry I hit send too soon

12-24-19: 10:38pm

Unknown number:

God this is awkward nevermind

12-24-19: 11:13pm

Unknown number:

Okay, nevermind the nevermind

Its Andrew

Did I say that already?

12-24-19: 11:15pm

Unknown number:

Andrew, from camp


12-24-19: 11:33pm

Andrew, from camp, isn’t ringing any bells, sorry


12-24-19: 11:42

Unknown number:

we sang a duet to Sweet Caroline at the closing bonfire,

if you’re the Jamie I’m looking for

If you’re not please ignore all of this and put me out of my misery

12-25-19: 12:03am

Unknown number:

I’m taking this as a no you’re not Jamie

Sorry to bother you


12-25-19: 12:18am

Sweet Caroline is ringing bells

Blonde hair?


Watch tan line that was damn near impressive?


12-25-19: 12:18am

Andrew from Camp

That’s me

No more braces sorry


12-25-19: 12:27am



12-25-19: 12:27am

Andrew from Camp

Still get watch tan lines every summer though


12-25-19: 12:32am

Did you dig up my number just to let me know about your braces? Or lack thereof?


12-25-19: 12:37am

Andrew from Camp


There was a point to this I swear

I just need to remember it


12-25-19: 12:48am

Don’t strain yourself ;)


12-25-19: 12:48am

Andrew from Camp

Sorry had to get more spiked eggnog


12-25-19: 12:51am

Oo drunk confessions on Christmas?

I’m debating if I should be concerned or intrigued

12-25-19: 12:52am

Andrew from Camp

Not concerned

I just spent the entire day watching cheesy christmas movies with my sister

She’s the best, she’s eleven and I can’t tell her no

And they’re all so damned happy and cheerful and I can’t stand them normally


12-25-19: 1:01am

You texted me… to tell me you hate Christmas movies

This is the weirdest conversation I’ve ever had, Brace-less Andrew from camp


12-25-19: 1:05am

Andrew from Camp

None of this is coming out right



12-25-19: 1:10am

Are you typing a novel lol

You’re making me nervous


12-25-19: 1:17am

Andrew from Camp

These movies keep saying how christmas is supposed to bring people together, right?

Or you’re supposed to be with loved ones on Christmas or something

And I wanted to let you know that you’ve ruined Sweet Caroline for me


12-25-19: 1:18am


I’m sorry?


12-25-19: 1:23am

Andrew from Camp

This isn’t coming out right

You’ve ruined that damned song

Which plays in ever bar basically ever, every time I go out

12-25-19: 1:23am

I mean it’s a classic …

I didn’t realize I sucked that bad at singing tho


12-25-19: 1:23am

Andrew from Camp

And every time I hear it I think of you

And how I never texted you when camp ended even though I got your number after that


I got it before we even did karaoke actually

But then I lost my nerve and you were so pretty

And I was so afraid

And now three years later I can’t hear that song without thinking of you and how your

smile made my heart flip



Like that

12-25-19: 1:25am

Andrew from Camp

I dont like, this is is going anywhere

There’s no pressure here


I needed you to know that you’re the one that got away for someone you know

For me


12-25-19: 2:36am

Andrew from Camp

Sorry if that was weird

Take care and have a great life, Jamie from camp

I hope that you have a million more karaoke nights in your future


1-18-20: 12:08am

If I remember right, we were both from around TO


1-19-20: 10:14am

Andrew from Camp

You remember right


1-19-20: 12:17pm

Remember Angie from camp, too?


1-19-20: 1:03pm

Andrew from Camp



1-19-20: 1:21pm

Her birthday is this weekend

1-19-20: 1:38pm

It’s karaoke

1-19-20: 2:40pm

Thought I’d see if you want an encore


Nina Nouwens finished her Masters in Library and Information Science in 2021, and is currently working on a handful of projects, including a Beetlejuice meets All Girls’ Boarding School crossover, a NA romcom, and a YA witch book!  She's a sucker for second chances, lost connections, and almost-missed opportunities. When she’s not writing, you can find Nina in her garden or chasing around her dog.

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