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December 6, 2022

From rediscovering the impossibly BIRTHMARKED


HEART ON YOUR BACK because you’re shaking your ass to a song I can’t quite understand and you’re wearing the red crop top that rides up your back when you aren’t paying attention and i take another hit because
Kaydance Rice

(after lorde’s “melodrama”)


i want to see the smoke again. the lights

flash and fizzle and i am lying on the ground

and letting the bass shake my skull because

this is what i came here for. to shake

to be shaken. i dig my too-long too-

shiny too-gemmed fucking nails

into the carpet and watch velvet

surround me. it is smoking

i am smoking and you are fucking

smoking but you’ve always been.

my arms hang and i want to tear

my fake fucking nails off of my fake

fucking body and i should be calmer

at this point but i can’t stop thinking

about red and smoke and all of the beautiful

lights that hang sometimes or about that fucking

birthmark and that each part of my body

is referential in some way and that everything

will always come back to you because

i climbed through hell with acrylic

gemmed fucking nails that you made

me buy and now i’m at a party without

enough vodka and too much pot and everything

here smells beautiful. in the same way you were trying


to become. like poetry and specks of dust.

or the way things fall and break and become

created or sometimes creation. because

everything’s smoking and bleeding

and lights won’t stop flashing. because

you know you’re the only reason i even came

and i take my lighter out again and hope

maybe this time the smoke will drip.

Kaydance Rice is a writer from Grand Rapids Michigan and currently attending Interlochen Arts Academy. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in The Ice Lolly Review, voicemail poems, Cargoes, The Interlochen Review, and Exist Otherwise. In her free time, Kaydance enjoys playing the viola, rambling about existentialism, and spending time with her plants. 

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