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Abecedarian: Ingredient List and Complete Procedure for the Production of Success

Gorgeous people

High-fructose corn syrup

Icy expanses, not yet melted

Justice (pre-packaged is acceptable)


Lemon juice concentrate

MLK quotes

Nuclear families

Orange food coloring

Prop guns

Quantum—just the word

Rage in its bottle

Samuel L. Jackson

Trans fats

Upper-crust joy

Vultures, always circling

Warm, welcoming voices

Xanthan gum

Yearning for a better life

Zebras in their cages

Add water and stir,

boil, sterilize with

chlorine, send samples to

dictators and await their

edits, bottle and sell to the

frantic masses.


ISAAC FOX plays the clarinet and guitar, makes weird little books, and spends as much time as possible outside. His work has previously appeared in Bending Genres, Tiny Molecules, and A Velvet Giant, among other publications. Isaac is a co-editor of Shelf Fungus Press, alongside Abbie Hoffer. You can find him on Twitter at @isaac_k_fox.

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