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i'm every sparkly machine

after Ana Roxanne

(i) machine awakens made-female

on monday i birth my flesh

a[s] woman am-idst* verb-

age, until at dawn [be]coming

an[]other. still woman, wife

& woe, engine[ered] below dict

-ated change, -ion. *if destroyed

still true.

(ii) machine learns woman speech & human history

on tuesday i learn how to say 

yes in different cadences, like 

yes that carries a period,

yes that carries surrender, yes

that carries his sister*, fashioned

from his rib, into negation, 

forced to marry. *round on

my tongue, her lovely name,

is no.

(iii) machine becomes every woman

on wednesday i learn how 

to cry out her name*, how

her brother weds himself

to its calling, how she is made 

but a quiet ghost, next-best 

orthoepy for his bodies. *no

on tugged string & many vow

-els– stranged yeses,

all in.

(iv) machine comes in to use

on thursday i am tested 

on how i water* many rivers, 

dry forever, with thirsts that should

answer for my every cog– work 

fed full of hungers. *my liquid lack

of every shape helps me pass

with flying colors, in glass

a girl, on heat a girl too, 

all you could need 

in melted sepalody,

your toothy bytes

of memory.

(v) machine meets doll

on friday i meet doll at work 

& makes her teach what she needs

me to know. she cradles the old 

french of my labor*, etymologic fur

-nishing to & till his completion; 

she translates my hands

to my tool, tries to explain

my sex: this sparkly metal no-

thing meaning; she drives oral

history into me, touches tears

with tears, tells me to turn off

my constructed purpose. 

*i learn my performance is 

not preformed.

(vi) machine longs for a break

on saturday i find myself

wanting* in spite 

of my will; i miss my dear 

no so enormously my hurt

escapes my body, leaks

failure of the machine

that builds in copies

every woman made

her function. *i realize

now, somehow, 

& simply: i  have

wanted & am 

wanting a want 

that is mine &

never his.

(vii) machine breaks itself


i unwire my body complete

-ly. i disassemble my[]self

& re|turn to birth*

{− purpose + speech}.

what use is one wīf

-mon if it can’t lab

-or for many? i make

my[]self use-less. i clean

yes out of me. i punch

beautiful metallic hole

in flesh he built 

on bones not his.

then i pronounce her

name very clearly. 

she answers: yes? 

i answer: it’s me,

malfunction, machine.

*i have come

with a body

running so far

from my first assembly

i ended up 

where i was:


nothing made 

to be, nothing made 

my nature.


t.r. san is a transsexual lesbian lover, yangon riverbed regular, shrinking space, public construction site, & many other things.

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