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Welcome, PARTS by Amy Marques (plus cover reveal!)

We are so excited to kick off the news section of our site by introducing you to our new author, Amy Marques, and her upcoming poetry collection, PARTS, set to release August 13th, 2024.

Book cover featuring painted scrap paper in blue and green, overlayed to display the title PARTS and author name, Amy Marques
PARTS, Amy Marques / created by Amy Marques using acrylics and collage

Erasure has never been more colorful

Full of collage, acrylics, and ink, PARTS redefines the art of erasure poetry while simultaneously subverting the ennui and angst of Thomas Wolfe's "The Party at Jack's," carving out the many rays of hope and beauty. Themed by searches for identity and appreciation of familial comfort, this collection pops off the page, photographed with visual depth and scrappy edges to highlight the raw process and immerse the reader in the tactile art experience.

Amy Marques grew up between languages and places and learned, from an early age, the multiplicity of narratives. She penned children’s books, barely read medical papers, and numerous letters before turning to creative writing and visual poetry. Her work has been nominated for awards and published in various journals and anthologies, while she manages the role of editor and visual artist for the Duets anthology.

We look forward to sharing more about Amy and PARTS over the coming months. For now, you can check out Amy's work via her author site, as well as follow her on IG @amyiscold, Facebook, and X @amybookwhisper1



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